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Funding needed for 2024

Sam Stoner Racing | Warden Law | 2023 | First Junior Max Podium
Sam Stoner Racing | Warden Law | 2023 | First Junior Max Podium

 We're looking for sponsorship opportunities to help Sam with the IPKC championships along with test sessions and other races we'd like to participate in 2024.

  • Benefits our sponsors can expect to receive
  • Regular updates on Sam's progress through training and championships
  • Company branding/logo on: Go-kart (nose cone, side pods, bumper) | Race Suite | Helmet | Tent/Awning
  • Features on Sam Stoner Racing website and social media platforms: Twitter; FaceBook; Instagram; Threads; TikTok and YouTube
  • Link on Sam Stoner Racing website and social media sites to company website
  • Possible TV or newspaper exposure
  • Coverage in press release
  • Attend trade shows or exhibitions
  • Open to suggestion for other ideas

 Sam is self funded, but we don't have the large budget of many drivers on track.  We run as a privateer learning as we go along.  Sam and his dad are well known within the karting community for being very approachable; happy to share knowledge and help others out at track side at no cost!

  We need to get Sam onto more sessions at a lot of different tracks around the country, the IPKC competition will be a good starting point and something to aim for but we need more track time between the IPKC rounds.

  More track time, means more wear and tear on the kart, having enough funds to correct eventual issues would also be needed.

  The costs involved to train and bring Sams dreams to life are only achievable with your help.  If you can assist in anyway by sponsoring or donating, then we would be most grateful and in return promote your brand.

Ultimately we would prefer to be racing cars in 2024 but even if we put all our yearly funds together, then maybe we'd get one race weekend!

 Money raised in 2024 will go towards maintaining Sam's chassis, engine and supply of never ending sets of tyres; chains; sprockets & brake pads to make sure Sam is on track to success.  If we reach our target, then we will have enough to complete the IPKC championships and enter into some additional IKR race weekends or even MSA/UKC/Super One single weekends. 

 With enough track time behind Sam in 2024 - which can only happen with the backing of you, we can progress into 2024/25 as a contender for some of the biggest stages in the UK like Super One, UKC and British Kart Champs. Ultimately cars would be our next move!

 Here's some typical consumable operating costs, some teams would have the below items new for test and race day!

 £60   Test day fees
 £165 Race weekend fees
 £204 Slick Tyres
 £204 Wets Tyres
 £45   Brake Pads
 £28   Rear Sprocket
 £40   Chain
 £40   Fuel (per weekend)

 £150 Driver coach (per day)

 Engine rebuilds
  Every 12-15 hrs
    £600 Top end
    £1100 Full

We have a number of ways you can donate or sponsor Sam.

There's a PayPal button below, or you can contact us for more information about sponsors partnership.

Sam Stoner Racing | Sponsor | PayPal
Sam Stoner Racing | Sponsor | PayPal
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