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  Fourteen year old Sam is from Yorkshire,
his ambition is to become a
Professional Racing Driver

Yorkshire Evening Post Article
>>>Young go-karting prodigy<<<

Sam Stoner Racing | Yorkshire Evening Post | Article | Sam sat in the kart, dad sat next to Sam. Sam Stoner Racing | Yorkshire Evening Post | Article | Sam sat next to the kart, looking left.

  Sam started indoor karting just before his 10th birthday, he took to the sport extremely quickly and was fast becoming the kid to beat.  Sam entered into the Teamsport Leeds 2018 Winter Cadet Championship, which he won.  He went on to compete and win the Teamsport Leeds 2019 Summer Cadet Championship.  It was clear Sam needed a competitive arena.

  Later that same year, Sam purchased a second-hand IAME 60cc Cadet kart.  This was a whole new ball game for Sam and his dad who had no mechanical karting experience; but one that Sam and his family didn't regret.  Midway through 2020 Sam secured sponsorship from Race Rockets providing finance to run additional testing, as well as run as a privateer and enter Sam into some IKR competitions.  Despite a slightly late start into each championship, Sam was able to finish 5th at Wombwells 2020 IAME Cadet - IKR Series and 8th at Fulbecks 2020 IAME Cadet - IKR Series.

Sam Stoner Racing | YouTube | Wombwell IRK 2020 - Session X | Promo video Sam Stoner Racing | YouTube | Fulbeck IRK 2020 - East of England IAME Cadet Cup | Pre Final Sam Stoner Racing | YouTube | Fulbeck Test Day 17th July 2020 | Promo video

  Sam moved up from IAME Cadet in May 2021 to the Junior Rotax class.  His been running a number of test sessions working on his kart fitness and ability to drive the new Junior Rotax.  We've enter into the 2022 Junior Rotax Kart Championship (JKC) and looking forward to entering other competition in 2022 like UKC or Super One.

  Sam Stoner is an aspiring young racing driver, become a regular visitor and supporter of a lad on a mission for success.  Follow Sam's progress online, via his social media channels.

Racing CV

Name: Sam Stoner
Date of Birth: 30th August 2007
Residence: Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Racing Debut: 2020 (IAME Cadets)

2021/22 Class:  Rotax Junior Max

  Compete at the highest level in Motorsport

  Racing, MBR, Gaming, Lego, Video editing

  Cadet Series
   2018 Teamsport Leeds Winter Series
   2019 Teamsport Leeds Summer Series

  Race Rockets
      JBC, Stokvis, Heating Support

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Sam Stoner Racing -- Profile

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